Monday, April 24, 2017

Homework for Mrs. Fey's Classes, April 24~28, 2017

Reading- The vocabulary for "The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere" were introduced today. Please look over them.
***PSSA testing for Mathematics begins tomorrow. Please get enough sleep each night and eat breakfast. Do your best on the test!

**There will be no homework for the rest of the week.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Homework for Mrs. Fey's Classes April 17~21,2017

Reading- Look over the vocab words and definitions for the "Chi-Lin Purse" We will have a vocab and comprehension Test tomorrow
Grammar- We began Learning about Action and helping verbs. Please look over worksheet completed in class today. There will be a quiz on Friday
Spelling- Please write new list words 3X each. Test will be on Friday.

Spelling- Pick 10 spelling words to write in a sentence. The worksheet to complete this on is located in the red folder. Test on Friday
Grammar- look over action and linking verb worksheet in the red folder. Quiz on Friday

Grammar-Study for quiz on Friday complete helping verb worksheet in packet
Spelling- Study for test on Friday

Spelling- complete practice test. Study for test tomorrow
Grammar- look over action and linking verb sheets to prepare for quiz on Friday

No homework. Enjoy your weekend!

Friday, April 7, 2017

Homework for Mrs. Fey's Classes April 10~13, 2017

Reading- Please Read "The Chil-an Purse" fill in web on workbook page 134 with important details from the story (Most students completed this in class)
Grammar- We are learning about Action and Linking Verbs this week. There will be a quiz on Thursday.
Spelling- Please write Spelling words at the top of workbook page 135 3X each
Social Studies- Please review "The 13 Colonies Rebel"vocab. There will be a quiz on Thursday.

Grammar- Look over Action and Linking verb worksheets in folder- Quiz on Thursday
Spelling- Put 10 Spelling words into sentences. Sheet to do this on is in Red Folder.
Social Studies- STUDY words and definitions. They are located in the Green Folder.
Reading- Study vocabulary words and definitions

Spelling- Complete practice test. There will be a test tomorrow. Study.
Grammar- finish the last 2 pages of Action and Linking Verb packet
Reading- Study vocabulary words. We have come up with movements for each one!
Social Studies- Study words and definitions for Lesson 2- The Colonies Rebel. There will be a quiz tomorrow.

No homework! Enjoy the holiday Break! See everyone on Monday!

Monday, April 3, 2017

Homework for Mrs. Fey's Classes April 3~7, 2017

Reading- The students have been asked to review their PSSA Vocabulary packet and also to look over compare and contrast writing sample that we went over today.  This will prepare them for the ELA portion of  the PSSA's

There will be no homework for the rest of the week due to PSSA's
We also will have a change of schedule due to testing: Lunch 12:15-12:45
                                                                                        Recess 12:45-1:15
Good Luck to all students who are taking the test this week. Show them what you got!!
Get a good night's sleep and eat a good breakfast!

Monday, March 27, 2017

Homework for Mrs. Fey's Classes March 27~31st 2017

Spelling- No Spelling This week.
Grammar-Work on a rough draft for a Narrative about "An Event I won't Forget." Use yellow paper that was given in class to write a rough draft on one side and a graphic organizer (Web) on the other. Rough draft is due tomorrow.
Reading- Complete inference packet. Look over PSSA vocabulary packet

Grammar- Finish final draft of Narrative, complete preposition worksheets. All of it is located in the Red folder
Reading- Pd. 1 complete Main Idea Packet, Period 2 just do the first page

Grammar- work on finishing informational writing to prepare for the PSSA's
Reading- worksheet  pd 1- suffixes and roots, Pd. 2 Figurative Language. These worksheets are in the red ELA folder

Monday, March 20, 2017

Homework for Mrs. Fey's Classes~ March 20 - 24, 2017

The PSSA Countdown is ON!
We will be reviewing daily to prepare for the ELA test on April 4,5,6,7
Students will have review work nightly to help them to DO THEIR BEST ON THE TEST!

Reading- Complete two pages in Theme packet
Grammar- complete two pages in action/linking verb packet. Packets are in the Red Folder. Also, begin thinking of ideas to write about in a persuasive essay. What would you like to persuade the principal to change their mind about.
Spelling- No Spelling this week or next week
Social Studies- continue to review vocab words for an upcoming quiz

Grammar- Action Verb or Linking Verb sheet in "Two Kinds of Verbs" packet
Reading- We are working on writing a Persuasive Essay. Please work to get your ideas on a graphic organizer. This paper is in the Red Folder.

Grammar- Do the first two pages in "Adjective" packet
Reading- do  the back of the "Compare and Contrast" worksheet. This sheet can be found in the Red ELA folder

Reading- Make  sure that rough draft for Persuasive Essay is finished. We  will begin writing the final copy tomorrow.  Do pages in Text Structure packet. Pd. 1 All   Pd. only the first two
Grammar-Pd. 1 finish Adjective packet in the red ELA folder  Pd. 2 finished all of the packet IN class

Grammar-Finish writing Final Draft (Good Copy) of persuasive essay for Monday

Monday, March 13, 2017

Homework for Mrs. Fey's Classes March 13~17th, 2017

Spelling- none this week!
Reading- Theme worksheet
Grammar- Complete packet
                  pd. 1 - verbs and adjective review
                  pd. 2- Commas
Social Studies- look over words and definitions for quiz on Friday