Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Homework for Mrs. Fey's Classes Dec. 10~ 14th, 2018

Reading- Study Vocabulary for "Satchel Paige"
There will be a comprehension and vocabulary test on WED.

Reading- Study vocabulary words for "Satchel Paige"
Writing- We are writing about how each of us has a unique characteristic. Students should come up with one or two ways that they are unique and be prepared to write about that characteristic.

Reading- *** Vocabulary and Comprehension Test on "Satchel Paige" ***

Writing- work on "Unique Characteristics"  essay. Essay will be due on Tuesday, next week.

No homework. Enjoy your weekend!


Make a list of five facts about Satchel Paige. Write each fact in a complete sentence. Facts will be due on Tuesday, next week.

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Homework for Mrs. Fey's Classes Dec. 3~7, 2018

Monday through Wednesday, no homework

Thursday- Please look over vocabulary for "Satchel Paige"  There will be a comprehension and vocab test on Wednesday next week.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Homework for Mrs. Fey's Classes Nov. 26~ 30 2018

Reading- finish inference packet for homework. Time was given in class to begin the work.

no homework

Monday, November 19, 2018

Homework for Mrs. Fey's Classes Nov. 19~23, 2018

Grammar- There will be a test on Subordinating and coordinating conjunctions tomorrow

 finish any friendly letters not completed in class today

PBIS reward today~ 1/2 day

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my students and their families!  See you on Tuesday next week!

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Homework for Mrs. Fey's Classes Nov. 13-16th 2018


Tuesday- NO homework

We are working on coordinating and subordinating conjunctions in Grammar. Please look over worksheets in the red ELA folder to prepare for a test on Monday.

Grammar- Look over conjunction worksheets- Make sure that conjunction packet is done for Monday. Some students have already turned their finished packets in.

Friday- Have a nice weekend!  Quiz on conjunctions Monday 11/19. Be able to use the conjunctions correctly in a sentence. Also, be able to identify if a conjunction is coordinating (FANBOYS) or subordinating. Conjunction

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Homework for Mrs. Fey's Classes Nov. 5~9th, 2018

Please turn in your list of 10 books that you have read and also signed by an adult by Friday the 9th for a free hockey ticket.

Thursday- Periods 1 and 2- Finish your "Think Outside the Box" activity. Please write three sentences about your creation. Period three did not get to it today due to fire drill

Monday, October 29, 2018

Homework for Mrs. Fey's Classes Oct. 29th ~Nov. 2nd 2018

Reading- Study vocabulary words for "Island of the Blue Dolphins"  There will be a vocabulary and comprehension test tomorrow.
****EXTRA CREDIT*** Due tomorrow! Check out last week's homework blog to see what the Reading extra credit it.
Grammar- Please review worksheets on dependent and independent clauses. We reviewed in class today and will review again tomorrow to prepare for a test tomorrow. (Period 1: please finish the worksheet that we started working on today. We will go over the answers tomorrow)

Grammar: ***TEST**

We  will be having our PBIS grade wide reward today. It will be a movie mixer in the a.m.  In the p.m. , we will have our Halloween  party and parade. Happy Halloween!!!

Writing- We are learning how to write an invitation. Please work on finishing rough draft of an invitation. The paper will be located in the Red ELA folder. We had time to start writing the invitation in class today.

Friday- No homework! Have a nice weekend!